“We go nuts about colour!”


Billiani investigate the colour with great curiosity because it often lead us into new ground; we enter, are wrong-footed, and then gently guided by the hand of its vibrancy.
Onwards and upwards we try to open up our own personal highway through the jungle of possibilities using hues and shades, in search of elegance that is  freed of all severity, with appropriate vibrancy, with sobriety of the wriggly kind.   We see in the liveliness of juxtapositions, even in the very very sharpest, the possibility to amalgamate ingredients that highlight each other, just as in a haute cusine delicacy.
This is how we like to tap into a vast colour palette, of materials and finishes, complicating our own life countless times over, but convinced that we are offering infinite choices, boundless effective interpretations, in the creation of a vibrant whole.

With the experience of searching within the constant refinement of tones, season after season we strike the clear difference between the white of the north pole and that of the cotton flower, we grasp the connection that binds  green Chlorophyll and blue Tuareg, building ever new paths, even when they invite us to separate out the black of China, the black of coal  … or even the black of the All Blacks!

For us, the design of the product is always enhanced through colour sensitivity, colour is a shape that transforms the environment, distinguishing and never leaving impassive. Selecting colourways in various finishes, from fabrics to leathers, to  lacquerings on wood and metal, becomes skilled interpretation. A dedication.