Zoom by Mobimex – design and Swiss precision

Minimalist and elegant, custom-made and extreme quality – the Swiss company has presented new table models made of precious solid wood with details up to its name, and the new catalog.

This year Zoom by Mobimex expresses its sartorial style in working solid wood with two new table systems in solid wood:

Brace, Brace, designed by the two Stuttgart designers Markus Jehs and Jürgen Laub – a seemingly light and transparent minimalist construction, but perfectly stable,

and Ava, designed for Zoom by Mobimex by Iria Degen as a strong declaration of the concept of the sculpture-table, timeless, decorative and functional.

The bestsellers were also present: Sideboard LIN, Lounge Weda, tavolini Volta.


zoom by Mobimex is a reliable and professional partner to build your spaces for offices - executive tables, meeting tables, receptions, hi-tech systems and sideboards

For the home office space in a contemporary house, choose among the tables of Zoom by Mobimex in solid wood - they are beautiful, functional, ergonomic, timeless

the tables of zoom by mobimex are the perfect solutions for the living areas of the minimalist designed houses- you will have the warmth of wood, stability of surfaces, beauty and quality.

Zoom by Mobimex stands for love of and dedication to solid wood. This authentic, beautiful material never fails to delight and is a sustainable natural resource of great value. Wood is like a diary that provides a fascinating record of contemporary history. Trees up to a century old are cut, stored and dried, before being skilfully crafted into unique furniture that exudes naturalness and perfection. Zoom by Mobimex, however, also represents a furniture collection demanding in its aesthetic value. Design is our standard, our furniture must exhibit the genuineness and authenticity of the materials through its simplicity, and through its creative craftsmanship. Furniture that fascinates, furniture that gives pleasure, and furniture that we enjoy using, from day to day.

Language of Zoom by Mobimex

Zoom by Mobimex is synonymous of excellence, sustainability, minimalist forms. Taking wood as the very first material, Mobimex combines it with great taste to the other souls of the Earth – stone and metal. Zoom by Mobimex knows how to show the wild beauty of materials, such as untreated or “rusty” steel, large sheets of anodized aluminum, brushed stones, bronze and copper. Mobimex knows how to be decorative: adding the accents of lacquered colors, or details in precious metal finishes, or metals with an engraved design. The main protagonist remains however the solid wood – with a more or less lively structure (depending on how you want it), with knots and signs or a perfect wood, with thicknesses and edges of your choice, – in any case it will be as beautiful as a ‘artwork. There are so many models, and there is the possibility of choosing the top and the base, and even solutions on your design are feasible.


In April 2019 we have updated the catalog, including the new models. You can see the prices in the price list 09/2018, and in April 2019 we have added the prices of the new models.

Latest news


The BRACE table is characterized by pairs of thin legs in solid wood joined together giving stability to the minimalist construction and giving off an impression of lightness and transparency.

The curved supporting structure boasts a delicate and graceful appearance, while guaranteeing a high degree of stability.

And this is what gives the table its name: BRACE means strut or support. The slightly sloping edges of the table top perfect the delicate and transparent appearance.

Brace is available in oak, ash, elm, European walnut and black walnut.

from 180 cm up to 500 cm, Ø 120 cm up to 200 cm

Rectangular, oval, superellipse, round


The adjectives that better describe the new AVA table designed for Zoom by Mobimex by the designer Iria Degen are: sculptural, decorative and modular. The base is available in three different oxidized and naturally patinated copper alloys and adapts flexibly to any shape of solid wood table creating an elegant contrast with the solid wood top.

Mobimex is synonymous of excellent quality, sustainability, minimalist forms. The AVA table, created by the Zurich designer, is the embodiment of these values, with its aura of timelessness, the free choice of table shapes and the wide range of high quality materials.

AVA is ideal as a dining table as well as for use as a desk or meeting/conference table. A cable duct leading directly from the floor box through each individual leg keeps the power supply to the devices on the table hidden from view.

In Milan, Mobimex presented for the first time the iconic shape of the “boomerang” table. In this combination, not only the AVA base gives the impression of a sculpture; the general appearance of the table makes a strong statement.

AVA is available in oak, solid ash, elm, sycamore, European walnut, black walnut and smoked oak.

Dimensions L/D/H 200x90x75cm to 400x110x75cm

Rectangular, oval, superellipse, round, customised, “boomerang”