Design outside of the box. De Rosso is the factory born from the intuition of Roberto De Rosso, who in the ’80s has picked up the creative heritage of Alchemy and Memphis movements and merged it into a furniture style outside the box, lucidly visionary and emotionally fulfilling.

De Rosso is synonymous of elements and programs of exclusive design and fulfilling, which combines the research on the shapes with that of patterns, colors, surfaces. .
Exploring the endless narrative possibilities of the laminate HPL, De Rosso imagines and creates amazing landscapes of interior design, and habitats that convey the excitement of a new beauty, capable of intercepting the aspirations of a public evolved, selective and culturally prepared. Thanks to the huge choice of finishes and technical solutions offered, De Rosso is a projecting resource that allows the achievement of individual interiors matching the style the designer want to create: elegant, colorful, mature, young, high-tech or extraordinary.

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Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine.