Zoom by Mobimex – this is the top brand name used by the Mobimex AG company of Seon, Switzerland. From modest beginnings in 1974 as an agency and furniture importer, a business operation has grown up that supplies products of great distinction, high value and individuality, and offers its clients an unrivalled collection.

Zoom by Mobimex – products bearing this name are a guarantee of exquisite design, perfect function and flawless technology, but much more besides: they are individually tailored to their owners’ needs. Like a well-made suit, which fits perfectly and emphasises the wearer’s personality, they match the user’s character, contribute day after day to his or her well-being, yet occupy a restrained, unobtrusive place in the background – understatement in its most satisfying form.

Home – agent of Zoom by Mobimex in:

Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine.